Aftermath stage design

Aftermath is a dance performance by Fresco Dance Company, premiered in 2022 and choreographed by Yoram Karmi. It is an allegoric fantasy of a post-apocalyptic world continuously shifting between despair and hope, destruction and accumulation, chaos and order.

The set was designed as a black box, featuring vertically hung layers of black stripes around the performance area, evoking a forest clearing. The dancers emerge and disappear through the stripes, entering and exiting the stage from all directions of the stage rather than through the traditional side wings.  

The stripes sway in the air in response to the dancers’ movement, occasionally revealing their white undersides and adding a dynamic element to the stage. This interplay transforms the entire set into an organism with life and movement of its own, making it an integral part of the choreography.

Fresco Dance Company
Suzzane Dellal Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel

Choreography: Yoram Karmi | Soundtrack design and original music: Noam Helfer | Lighting design: Magenta - Danny Fishof | Costume design: Maor Zabar | Rehearsal management: Noa Sarig, Inbar Namirovsky | Show management: Tamar Bar-Niv | Production Management: Ayala Scherzer | Photography: Efrat Mazor, Roy Talmon