"Momentum" is a site-specific installation which was created as part of “Balanceakte”,a group exhibition, at the Kunstverein Springhornhof, germany, 2019.

Balance is not a staticsituation, but rather a dynamic and constantly changing constellation in whichopposing powers negotiate to the point of their equality. This point ismomentary and is constantly changing in space and time.

Should this ongoing processmove out of equation, the result could end up in the collapse of the entiresystem.

“momentum” acts on thetension between these states of balance and collapse. Steel pipes are hung fromthe trees and touch the ground in an organized layout which resembles the planof a house or a building whose structural elements are on the verge of falling.

This is both a physicalsituation and a symbolic metaphor to forces and processes in politics, societyand culture.  

Kunstverein Springhornhof
Neuenkirchen , Germany
400 sqm

The steel pipes areheavy elements, structural components that naturally would carry the weight andsupport the entire structure. In “momentum” they are hung from above somewhatlike pendulums and swing gently around their point of anchor at theground.  This creates s strongcontradiction between their weight and the lightness appearance of theirmovement and raise a question in the eyes of the observer – are they supportingor falling?

Each steel pipe is anindividual element in a bigger system. There is a mutual effect between them sothat a movement in a single pipe causes movement and reaction in the otherpipes. The project is responsive to its visitors who are invited not only toobserve it from outside but to act, walk and move the steel pipes from within.

The word “momentum” was chosen as the name for this work. InHebrew it is used not only in the meaning of its term in physics, but also as aterm which expresses the moment of transition, the time for change.


Photographers:Fredd Dot, Yasu Kojima