March is a site specific installation whichwas created as part of the 8th Fundacja Landart Festival, at the villageof Bubbel-Granna, Poland, 2018.

‘March’ is inspired by pilgrimage – the ideaof journey as an act of spiritual search. It presents the voyage along a trailas the purpose of the pilgrimage, regardless the importance of its destination.The rout becomes identified, marked, as pilgrims walk along it, following one another.It is their shared beliefs, purpose and movement that turn the route into holyand important.

The installation creates an image of ajourney, drawing a spatial line of the pilgrims march. A parade of whiteclothes hanging on a rope along a trail, commemorate a communal human event.

As visitors observe the installation,the hanging clothes imitate human figures walking in line. Blown by the windthey resemble prayer flags, commonly used in holy ceremonies. As visitorsfollow the linear path of the installation, they become part of the movement ofthe work, one of the pilgrims.
The installation is located in a once long and narrow agricultural field, andnow a trench caused by sand mining – an increasing phenomenon which deeply affectsthe landscape and economy of this rural area of Poland. The route of theclothesline reacts to this artificial topography, as it marks both banks of thesite while crossing it from one side to the other.

8th Fundacja Landart Festival
Bubbel-Granna, Poland
250 m