Winter Garden

Winter Garden was installed in January 2012 as part of the 2012 “Warming Huts – an Art and Architecture on Ice” event, at the frozen Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Winter Garden is a temporary site specific art installation positioned on top of the frozen river trail. The project is comprised of 21 trees laid out in a grid pattern to resemble a grove standing in the middle of the river, as if planted in the water.

Installing “Winter Garden” along the skating trail adds to its visual impact also a functional one; It creates a unique event along the route, a node of occurrence serving as a playground where skaters can pause for a look or play between the trees.

All trees used for this installation are dead trees. By that we reuse the trees once again in their natural form in order to create a unique landscape for the benefit of Winnipeg's public space and reduce the project's ecological footprint.

The Forks Foundation
Winnipeg, Canada
180 sqm